Bring it On!

The following is an imaginary speech posted on London Toast by David Cameron.

“Come the Revolution”, there will still be odd, straggling dragons to slay. But things have changed since the experiment with Marxism, Nihilism and Anarchism, now looking decidedly dishevelled. Time brings knowledge born of experience, and the honest man will learn lessons about doing it all better eventually. As your Prime Minister, I propose to use this space to brainstorm with all Britons of goodwill. Much more productive to have conversations in this format, where we can all take opportunities to ponder carefully.Before crossing swords. Or pencils.

I want to shake free of the political constraints of the Westminster bubble by consulting directly with anyone who wants their ideas heard and aired directly. I have decided to break with tradition and construct my Manifesto for the 2020 election in collaboration with the widest possible pool of thought. You will help me formulate the path of action ahead by engaging and reacting over the years to come.

Conservatives have always been a One Nation party. In future we will step up as a One Planet party. The time has come to make policy based on our place within a wider world, including the natural world. It is not enough for Conservatives to be dependable housekeepers taking care of our native hearths. We are a United Kingdom, but it has been many centuries since we were merely an island. We have played our part on the world stage, mainly to our credit. The future is about shouldering a bolder dream. We will lead the way to caring for an desperately dysfunctional interconnected world.

For starters, if we insist on standards of welfare for the animals in our care we can address the spiritual malaise of one of many human cruelties. The banning of live animal export is a simple first step. That will be just for starters.

Please join in this interactive unrolling of ideas at any time. I will return toour discussion space in gradual stages, but you contributors can both determine and accelerate the content of the discussion and its resulting outcomes.  Over to you…


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