Scotland Changes the Direction of Travel

Scotland may not have succeeded in breaking the Union in the course of a Nationalist bid for Independence which would have been a lie. There is no such thing as Independence, unless we look to North Korea for a model. By turning away tumultuously from Separation, she has achieved something immeasurably greater than that figment of fantasy. We will not know yet what exactly that will grow into, but with inspired imagination, our British governments have an unprecedented opportunity to create something magnificent from the fragments after this historic battle for hearts and minds. That opportunity is to change the course of direction; and by securing what is precious to us we save others swept up in a maelstrom of destructive forces. The fight was not a pretty sight.

The far-reaching Scottish lesson is that we are happier and more effective when we are part of a family with similar values than when we manufacture resentments against each other. Flouncing off into the sunset, to the sound of bagpipes or weapons of war, sends messages that separateness is an irrevocable destiny and a just cause in itself. The United Kingdom can now demonstrate that the opposite is true. There is no threat to identity or ethnicity if the family with shared values draws even closer together. Breaking a mould which served them well in different times is not an goal in itself.

By sharing out more of its powers, governments would regain the trust of their people who are becoming ever more sophisticated and energised. Sooner rather than later, this model needs to spread around the world where members of “Families” are falling apart due to a deficit of imaginative and fair leadership tasked with prioritising the welfare of their “family” over their own personal stories.

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