Road Blocks

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Brian de Haaff
CEO, Aha! — #1 product roadmap software
San Francisco Bay Area

He argues that taking responsibility is the key to all development and achievement in all fields, especially personal. 

Blaming others, or even just a vague notion of “fate”, is an actual impediment to progress; because it attempts to avoid the uncomfortable stage which is admitting to personal mistakes or even wrong-doing. This stage cannot be side-stepped if the path is to be undertaken with a view to understanding and solving as many issues as present themselves along the way. 

What is most exciting about the concept of taking responsibility, which includes fairly examining  human faults in oneself or one’s beliefs, is the energy which is released into human endeavour by confidently taking ownership of the world inside the self before attempting to engage rewardingly with the world spread out before the individual.

( Penstorm)


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