UK to Save Europe

UK to save Europe: Can this be Charles Moore’s provocative suggestion in his consciously tantalising piece for The Telegraph?

The only fact he has got wrong, surprisingly, is David Cameron’s true intention in leading and steering the biggest change in European history since the dust settled on its battlefields.

Far from determining to pull off some shady deal, the UK prime minister is quite honestly capable of championing “Brexit” if indeed his attempts at reforming the wrong-headed superstate fall upon stony ground at last. Contrary to the message concocted in the media, and by some paranoid insiders, his ministers have not been shackled to some nefarious tyranny at the disposal of his office, antics which would dishonour him personally as well as tarnish his legacy. he might even be forced to stay on as Tory leader at the next election as captain of the ship sailing into fresher, cleaner waters but tossed by new turbulences.

Of course he must maintain the line that he wishes to remain within the club we cannot work with for as long as negotiations are writhing in what must surely be their death throes. Of course he must not weaken his deal until the time comes to throw in his hand.

Until then, Cameron and his ministers will give this project their best shot at what fair-minded people now see as a British duty to history before regretfully quitting the field in all its disarray.

The following rings as true today as when another strong leader spelled out the obvious at an earlier stage of the EU march towards unintended infamy: ”..Historians will one day look back and think it is a curious folly that, just as the Soviet Union was forced to recognise reality by dispersing power to its separate states and by limiting the powers of its central government, some people in Europe were trying to create a new, artificial state by taking powers from national states and concentrating them at the centre.”
Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister 1981 – 1992

Given the facts which will surface during the course of the Referendum debates, UK has no option but to extricate herself from the quagmire of EU vainglory, not simply for the welfare of British democracy and well-being, but to recoup all her resources and strength for the challenge which will await her: the challenge to save Europe from tragedy. Again.

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