About Us

Welcome to our Table!

With its primary focus on channels of understanding between the UK and Arabia, London Toast is currently featuring Libya for special discourse. We look forward to guests from other Arab regions, also, helping us to prepare a feast of information, appreciation, argument and frequent disagreements.

The character of London Toast is to challenge siren songs which drown the hopeful voyager. It’s a breathing space for the plain unfashioned voices which are marginalised by starving their expression of oxygen; voices scoffed at when they remark upon naked emperors or bizarre pantomimes. Above all, we invite the curious to engage here with developments and revelations in a stunningly moving world.

London Toast brews the conditions for out-of-the-box combinations of ideas from near and far.     Its irrepressibly unorthodox content can clash and burn; or heat up the imagination to blend interestingly balanced uncertainties. Its intention is to serve and stimulate appetites for questions thick or thin. To respond and participate; relishing exploration, however provocative or untried.

Just don’t get too comfortable: we want you to travel and then… return.

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