Thank you to…over there!

Cat Stevens can still charm

Fairuz, a Lebanese singer, sings her haunting signature tune

Authenticity: Cuban Street Music

We no speak Americano, the original version


Perceptive, poetic, witty film-maker. The dogs might be an metaphor for freedom fighters, but the lyricism of the story-telling also works as allegory of realism and hope.

The  Jewish General’s Son Speaks against Zionism

Chilling out in the seventies. Relax…

The Legatum organisation is a highbrow but engaging source of interesting debates. Please join in by adding your views on the London Toast website.

Simple ideas which work straight away

But nuclear proliferation simmers beneath the years of the “Long Peace”. Trends do not guarantee predictability. This interactive video builds a fascinating perspective, nonetheless.

Fathers and sons. Who says men don’t cry.


Classic Tracy Chapman musical phrasing. Magical timing.

Young, talented, and Libyan:



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