Social Synch

Freedom of screech!

Cameron Squeezed: band sings their attack on prime minister live on BBC. And Cameron applauds their spirited protest alongside their host, Andrew Marr.


Socialism’s die-hards too ossified to see Cameron’s bigger picture as he continues to reform Labour’s client base where it exploits the poor and uneducated.. (Several MPs in this Conservative government started life on council estates; e.g.David Davis MP was raised in a council house by his single mother…)

Not easy for brain-washed class-warriors to admit that sink estates should be consigned to the dustbin of history. Perhaps the plughole is a bit too close for comfort, as they are sucked into Corbyn’s downward spiral to oblivion.

N.B.Communities thriving on the better social housing will NOT be swept away along with the desperate, broken, ones which fail so many futures.

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