Learning as Philosophy

In a thrilling Huw Wheldon memorial lecture by Bethany Hughes on BBC2, she argued that history on television is thriving and enjoying a new golden age.  She explores why programme makers should look to the ancients for inspiration, how television can become an active player in the historical process itself and why people are looking to the past to help navigate a complex modern world. Her point: “Teaching as Philosophy” ! We all know that History can re-construct the past, er,  “creatively”. But it can be in a good way! “Whose History?” as a scholar’s standard challenge to authenticity, is a given. But the bias factor does not need to automatically trigger negative cynicism, just deeper understanding. Particularly: understanding, through scholarship, another’s pain. The “history of forgiveness”, and its practice, is an exciting avenue for exploration. And the process, when teaching and learning, relates to Philosophy. The word History originates in the word “Gosti”. Guest. It invites the unknown (guests) into the homes of the ancients (guests). History “reminds us to remember to think better”. And to Teach. Actually… to Philosophise.

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