Dreaming in Arabic

High demand for learning Arabic.

For the second year in a row, the Faculty of Islamic Studies at the University of Malaya organised the Arabic Language Festival (ALF) from 7-9 May. A number of Arab countries – represented by their respective embassies, including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Palestine, participated in this year’s festival, which gave Malaysians a first-hand experience of the Arabic language and culture.

Malaysians were given the chance to communicate in Arabic with native speakers. At the various booth’s representing each country, displays relating to the Arabic language, culture and cuisines were arrayed, giving Malaysian visitors who came to take part in this annual event a taste of the Arab world.

“Non-Arabs trying to learn Arabic deserve our encouragement and support. This should not be limited to one event, but should be part of our daily life,” said Azwan Qamaruldeen, a Malaysian student who was at the festival and had recently won an Arabic language award in Qatar.

With thanks to Middle East Eye

The ALF is sponsored by the Saudi embassy and is held in Souk Okaz, a historical Arab market where Arab merchants would meet to recite poems and give speeches.
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