Anatomy of Decisions

The BBC video link below offers a glimpse into the minute detail of tragedy which the rest of the world watches daily on its grander scale of enormity. Refugees fleeing persecution, migrants driven by survival instinct from inhospitable lands towards nations where they might seize a chance to prosper. The desperate clinging to shreds of hope: people, all of them “problems” who clamour for humane solutions, thrust into the forefront of world consciences. The bare facts alarm and even terrify an already precarious world, intent on establishing as much stability as geo-politics can contrive. Mass migration challenges the established balances, the temporary status quo, just at a time when the imperative for Morality rises unsteadily up the political agenda. On a broader level of self-preservation, a shaken world braces itself to stem the chaotic human tides. On another level, closer to individual victims of misfortune, the sheer insanity of their foolhardy gambles with death is breathtakingly humbling. (Penstorm) BBC video from Mediterranean surveillance aircraft.

However, at mankind’s lowest ebb, survival can compete with that of nature’s most brutal forces: see Telegraph article.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 13.15.26

Migration has always been an unbending force of nature. Man’s inhumanity to man is a gratuitous perversion of natural selection, forcing one man against another in defiance of his impending fate. But, in a world of “faiths”, what drives man to cling, when sinking to such hideous depths  .. to life? (Penstorm)

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