Whose Nationals?

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Indonesia executes foreign drug convicts.

The Australian Prime Minister has recalled his ambassador to Indonesia, following the execution of two Australians of non-white immigrant ethnicity. Within the same timeframe, there have been violent protests by Israeli Ethiopians against their institutionally racist treatment at the hands of the Israeli police.

Can the state of Israel arrogantly assume that it qualifies as a member of a democratic group of nations which is under an urgent imperative to develop its standards of civilisation ever higher?

Whatever racial issues might exist in Australia’s society, as they do all around the world, her government has clearly demonstrated that it is colour-blind. Australia, uncompromising arguably to a fault, guards fiercely the human rights of all its citizens, protected equally under a law which aspires to justice, freedom and clemency. (Simultaneously, Australia ruthlessly excludes illegal incomers from enjoying the rights of the citizens she protects as her nationals). 

By contrast, the Israeli state’s merciless racism against both her neighbours and even some of her own national citizens demonstrates a dangerous dysfunctionality which invites the opprobrium of the free world. Her citizens are not equal under her laws, entrenched in their zionist roots.

It cannot be long before Israel is relegated to pariah status, awaiting prosecutions for war crimes. (Australia, meanwhile, could stand taller if she opened the doors to her wellbeing a little wider…)


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