Historic Shifts

WASHINGTON, March 19 (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied on Thursday abandoning his commitment to the eventual creation of a Palestinian state, backing away from pre-election comments and deepening a rift with Israel’s chief ally, the United States.

But the White House, unmoved by Netanyahu’s post-election effort to backtrack, delivered a fresh rebuke against the Israeli leader and signaled that Washington may reconsider its decades-old policy of shielding Israel from international pressure at the United Nations.

The White House warned there would be “consequences” for Israel as the Obama administration “re-evaluates” its Middle East diplomatic strategy and more objectively monitors the formation of Netanyahu’s new ruling coalition.

History never stands still. It can terrify, but it can also surprise those who had given up on hope. Most events are unforseen, and within that vast expanse of time the possibilities for progress are limitless. The state of Israel will not maintain its unsustainable stance on the world stage for much longer. There are laws of nature as well as morality which eventually come to bear upon all nations and all peoples.

Israel might protest and rail against the steps towards peace which have been gained so painstakingly by Iran and the UN. But she can no longer depend upon the over-indulgence of her longstanding USA ally. Geo-political forces are those which will eventually hold sway, bearing all peoples before their currents. A law more awesome than that of Darwin’s “Evolution of the Species” is that mankind will continue, however awkwardly, to absorb and wrestle with the hard lessons of sharing one planet. Even the most tenacious despot will feel the sands shift from under his feet.

The species, and their landscapes, just keep on changing…


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