Tipping Point

Are these the conditions for the Perfect Storm? The world is approaching another flashpoint which will leave no corner of the earth unscarred and  securely balanced.

1. Not yet at centre stage, but in the wings the mangy Russian Bear paces back and forth with mounting frustration. When he pounces, the earth will shake and walls will shudder. China shivers in the chill winds of modern economic realities.

2. “Freedom of Speech”, hi-jacked by piratical militants, has unleashed ugliness which was never within the remits of its dreams. Voices in discord, literally.

3. Fear and mistrust between cultures roam abroad, unguided by leaders who have been distracted from greater visions by the imperative to micromanage short-term emergencies.

4. Marxism has succeeded in burying its message within the very core of western institutions, media and the arts; creating the conditions for dynamic unrest and alienation. At its heart, the principle of class-warfare which is the doctrine of division, but which requires chronic revolution to feed its appetite for destruction. Over generations, socialism has become, systematically, the default go-to for political correctness.

5. The churches have deserted their flocks and have become increasingly irrelevant. They no longer address matters of the soul and personal morality. Instead they take it upon themselves to trumpet their views on how to run complex economic systems as if these were straightforward moral  issues. The pulpit was never intended for such mischief-making and ineptitude. Its vital role of renewal will fall into disrepair when it so acquisitively earns its disrepute. Christ taught: ” Render unto Caesar…”

6. The lie at the base of Euroland is doomed to unravel, sending economic ripples beyond its shimmering boundaries which will gather the destructive force of a tsunami. Not if, but when.

7. The thorn in the flesh of the middle east is the state of Israel. Will it right its wrongs in time?

8. The poor and mis-governed of the world desperately risk their lives to flee their homelands. A new era of migration must be embraced and managed intelligently and humanely, not impotently feared and resisted.

9. The internet has changed and continues to change the composition of human brains.

10. The planet struggles to provide a healthy environment for the life which depends on it.

Surely it is undeniable that none of these conditions can be altered without a root and branch dedication to act on a new, commonly embraced, “belief”: the Philosophy of Integrity. Human frailty will continue in all its thrilling and devastating drama, but at least it would be in relation to an understood goal. Integrity as a political system and social behaviour can no longer be treated as an optional add-on. Honest change has happened, is happening, and MUST now happen.

Finally, define Honesty? ( Penstorm)

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