Screen Power

Thanks to The “Independent” for this link: Tom and Jerry for refugee children .

The image of locals providing entertainment for others’ vulnerable children has caught the imagination of the world in the same way as the symbol of a drowned Syrian toddler on a Turkish beach.

The world needs to share many more of these messages of common humanity because there is a danger of reckless finger-pointing; exploiting shocking images of inhumanity. Narratives are being constructed alongside the stories being reported. Such News “management” is of critical concern because it has incalculable consequences.

Some IMAGES become forever crystallised into ICONS which in turn embed themselves into BELIEFS. Then Concepts. Then Myth. These go on to shape future history out of the flashing fragments of a media-shaped past.

The BBC’s disingenuously disguised antipathy to the Conservative government which is attempting to curb its voracity continues to surface in the guise of factual reporting. Not surprising that BBC gives airtime to Nicola Sturgeon and to Labour Luvvies like the posturing Enmma Thompson.Her recent accusation that Britain would accommodate more refugees if they were white is outrageous and should be retracted.She knows how to do speeches and tears. Now is her role for doing blushes of shame. Has she been to London recently? If so, she must have been blindfolded and deaf. Britain’s capital has achieved a miracle of racial and ethnic harmony equal to no other great city or small village.London is increasingly more black than white in many areas, but colour is not intentionally concentrated in ghettos as in many other European cities. Ms. Thompson’s politically biased intervention is now adding to the simmering hatreds which are fanned by ignorance and often by intentional short-term political trouble-making.

The disgraceful, arrogant, Emma Thompson on BBC

At last some good PR for Hungary in the (top) video. Meanwhile, Labour Luvvies are taking advantage of the humanitarian crisis by casting UK government, grossly, as heartless and even racist. Thanks, Emma Thompson, actress and self-publicist! Your irresponsible posturing has just made vital inter-cultural understanding a whole lot harder for those less visible who work hard to help a world in peril. (Penstorm)

Sky News: Britons open their doors.

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