Pretty Awkward

With thanks for the photograph to: Akhbarak at EgyptianStreets.

A clumsy attempt by Egypt’s education department to propel the next generation into a functioning secular society has backfired. Well-intentioned, but the minister has missed a salient point: wherever possible, incorporating cultural individuality can strengthen, not always weaken, the democratic experience. (Penstorm)

Egyptians and Hijab Controversy regarding schoolgirls’ attire.

The only moral flashpoint, for me, is any re-inforcement of cultural traditions, religious or not, which flag up a girl’s puberty.
Females are already subjected to obsessive intrusion on their sexuality and how it should be kept under control or exploited.
Adolescence is a challenging time for all youngsters, and a girl’s fertility should be a private matter for her alone. Any headscarf or other signal to the world of a girl’s sensitive transition to womanhood is a gross invasion of her unique identity. It would be more respectful of their dignity if all girls were free to wear hijab whenever they choose, and at ALL ages. Little girls can look proud and pretty, too, with or without the innocent headscarf , an accessory worn worldwide so can’t even be accused of divisiveness? Here’s an idea to break this problematic stranglehold on what is, essentially, a symbol: To celebrate freedom of choice, we can show solidarity with girls everywhere by wearing even MORE headscarves. Enjoy! (Penstorm)

With thanks to the Daily Mail for pictures of some Royals wearing headscarves muslim -style!

“Kate makes first visit to mosque – and wears veil and attire like her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, wore 20 years earlier”.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 16.37.09

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