Scrape the Surfaces


A French spectator spits at Chris Froome as he maintains pole position in the Tour de France cycle race. Earlier, another spectator threw urine at him. French yobs are also causing traffic chaos spreading out countrywide from Kent as they disrupt the Channel Tunnel. Distress to the live animals being transported for slaughter is not an issue for thugs who dictate their demands, no matter what harmful consequences to others, whether man or beast. After all, this is the same cruel breed of arrogant Frenchmen who remorselessly set fire to trucks importing live British sheep in days gone by. They have no conscience and they have no heart. Do the French still maintain that their culture is superior to anyone else’s? Really? If so, why do they not bring to book their shameful citizens, since they do have a system of laws which they could implement… if their elected , capricious, government so chooses…

( Penstorm).

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