“The shocking attacks in Tunisia have left so many people affected & will continue to do so for many years to come.

There has been a lot of press coverage recently regarding the devastating events that have happened at the Imperial Marharba Hotel, but one thing that has not had enough coverage is the bravery of the hotel staff and how they helped save so many lives that day.

This has affected them just as much as it has ourselves and the other guests at the hotel and they were incredibly heroic during the atrocious attack.

I have heard incredibly upsetting tales of how one of the staff members had to move and cover up numerous dead bodies while the gunman was still alive just to make sure the fleeing children did not see them and other staff members risking their lives to help save as many guests at the hotel as possible.

They are incredibly distraught about the situation & their jobs are on the line as a result of 90% of the guests leaving.

The harrowing accounts from survivors just reiterates the emotional turmoil each and every person has been through and is continuing to deal with including the staff members. A lot of them have had to put on a brave face and continue to work during these tough times and they are recieving no psychological support or finanical support and many of them have been told not to come into work because there are barely any guests left in the hotel.

I have set up this page to help the hotel staff out as much as i can while i am still here as their lively hood is on the line while no tourists are visiting the hotel. All proceeds donated will go towards the staff of both The Imperial Marhaba Hotel & The Bellevue hotel.

The staff at both the hotels are absolutely wonderful and have constantly been hugging all of the tourists saying they are thankful we are all safe, and they are so sorry that this has happened, despite it not being their fault.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and each and every donation is greatly appreciated.

Nathan Priestley”


By mid August, 2015, over £22,000 has been raised and distributed amongst the staff.

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