Empty Chair


The elephant in the room is the Media, who have whipped up a fruity concoction of froth for their own libertine fun and frolics. As usual, the political classes and their hangers-on believe this is all about them and their narrow plots.

Not! Most of what the media joyously trumpets most loudly as fact is the most likely to be fabricated out of thin hair. Everybody, without exception and without cause, now believes Cameron is “frit”. A man who has demonstrated less fear would be difficult to track down. Ganged up on at the ugly bullies’ Euro summits, fighter for economic recovery, and prime marshall of the military intervention which helped topple Gaddaffi, he is not a candidate for the white feather. Of course he will head up the Leaders’ Debates. Is it too much to expect our cosseted BBC and pals to appreciate The Bigger Picture?

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