Caught in the headlights, the articulate western world reacts with knee-jerk judgements upon unfolding historic events. Reasoned but nevertheless conditioned, today’s political and security assessments are fatally flawed. Governments have been facing the wrong way for so long that their contortions feel more natural to them than twisted. They survey a larger world not yet empowered by the pen, but enslaved by the bullet and the lash. Now the UN must turn a fresh gaze upon those who have been curtained apart in the obscurity of those who are out of step with the western intellectual’s understanding of progress. 

The oppressed can no longer be left to fend for themselves, habitually as a result of the sensitivities around perceived interference. It requires a bold new vision to rub the dust from the eyes, face the facts that many peoples are languishing as a result of neglect, and take on uncomfortable positions of global responsibility . Effective “policing” can only be delivered by consent of the people who are guarded from harm. If this applies in the UK, it applies even more acutely where a “grievance narrative” has been cultivated by victim-focussed cultures and their excitable leaders. It will take courage to challenge this road-block so that the UN will speak truth to liars, whether they lurk in North Korea, Saudi Arabia, London or Israel. ( Penstorm)

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