The Complete Human

With thanks to Farida Haggiagi for sharing AraGeek’s video:


Will Britain lead the way with practical solutions to another world-wide malaise? Before America banned slavery, William Wilberforce enlisted a majority to abolish the ungodly trade in human beings. British ships were even chasing American slavers around the oceans until America’s own slaves were eventually emancipated. Mankind will never be at ease while living with their own brutal practices. But because Nature does not have a voice, it is easier to turn aside from the reality of the grotesque suffering we cause to innocent creatures who are now totally dependent on the superior species which now mis-manages their world. They cry out for a bold champion, but are met with deaf ears. We ignore their plight at our peril while we continue our journeys as more than simply material beings. The distress and despair many humans have experienced while living with all manner of cruelties has inspired literature, art and science. Now it is for our leaders to search their souls for ways to honour and protect the natural world which we share and exploit. When we provide welfare and dignity to all life in our care, we will have earned our own honourable respect and spiritual delight.

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