Media Diary: “Tell us about the people who tell us.”

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media diary.

It is a location which invites you to comment on people in the media who take upon themselves the role of opinion-formers, whether overtly, subtly, or even (less likely) unintentionally. Everyone knows media influence is huge. As their mood music changes, collectively or individually, they can affect the course of general elections, personal reputations, careers and even life and death world events. Unlike most public speakers, the media is burdened with no responsibility for the results of their pronouncements, prejudices, snide implications or passing whims. They are not elected by anyone, but appointed by their masters in positions of power too shadowy for the public to perceive or appreciate clearly. So it is for all of us to swap notes on their dictats and conduct, holding them to account where it appears they are usurping powers that can too easily be lightly trifled with or more insidiously abused. From their serious misinformation, to their casual rudeness, please share your observations on a class who are about to become the subject of a new interrogator on the block: you!

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